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(we begin with Rex, Elsa, Dweeb, and Woog, singing a song)

Rex, Elsa, Dweeb, and Woog: When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do

Chorus: Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing

(scene cuts to another room, with the four dinosaurs singing)

Rex, Elsa, Dweeb, and Woog: Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true

Rex: Pretty, huh? I’ll bet a lot of you folks don’t believe that, about a wish coming true, do you?

Woog: Well, I didn’t, either.

Elsa: Of course we're just some four dinosaur singing my way from hearth to hearth but…

Dweeb: let us tell you what made us change our minds

Rex: (he opens a book entitled “Pinocchio”) One night, a long time… ahem. Pardon me. Wait’ll I fix this thing. There. One night a long time ago… our travels took us to a quaint little village.

(scene cuts to night time, and we see a little village as Rex continues narrating the story)

Rex: It was a beautiful night. The stars were shining like diamonds high above the roofs of that sleepy old town. Pretty as a picture. As me, Elsa, Dweeb, and Woog wandered along the crooked streets there wasn’t a soul to be seen. The only sign of life was a lighted window in the shop of a wood-carver named… Muriel (from Courage the Cowardly Dog). So we went over and looked in.

(inside Muriel's workshop)

Rex: It was a shame to see a nice cheerful fire like that going to waste. So what do we do? We go in! I looked around. Of course, being in a strange place like that we didn't know what to expect. Us dinosaurs can’t be too careful, you know. Soon as I saw there was no one about, we made ourselves at home.

(Rex, Elsa, Dweeb, and Woog warm themselves near the fireplace)

Rex: As we stood there warming ourselves, we took a look around. Well sir, you never saw such a place. The most fantastic clocks you ever laid your eyes on and all carved out of wood. And cute little music boxes, each one a work of art. And shelf after shelf of toys and… and then something else caught my eye. A puppet (that was Courage from Courage the Cowardly Dog as Pinocchio)! You know, one of those marionette things, all strings and joints.

Elsa: I like his face, *chuckles* Cute little fellow.

Rex: Ding, ding. Going up?

Woog: Good piece of wood too.

Muriel: Well now, it won’t take much longer.

Figaro (from Pinocchio): Meow

Muriel: Just a little more paint and he’s all finished. I think he’ll be all right, don’t you, Figaro?

Figaro: Purr.

Muriel: *humming* Tra, la, la

Rex: (leaning over a statue of a women) Ahh! Beg pardon.

Muriel: See *chuckle* That makes a big difference.

Dweeb: Ver-r-ry good! Very, very goo-(sees a statue of a big angry man's head) Well, you can’t please everybody.

Muriel: Now I have just the name for you: Courage! Do you like it, Figaro? No? You do, don’t you Cleo? Well, we’ll leave it to little puppychow. (to Courage) You like it? (She works the puppet’s strings so that it nods “yes”) That settles it! Courage it is! Come on, now, we’ll try you out. Music Professor!

(Muriel pushes the button of a music box. Then, by working his strings Muriel makes Courage dance)

Rex, Elsa, Dweeb, and Woog: Hey! Ouch, ouch! Take it easy there! Oh, break it up, will you?

Rex: Whew! Lotta down beats in there.

Muriel: (humming Little woodenhead)
go play your part
bring a little joy
to every heart
little do you know
and yet it's true
that I'm mighty
proud of you
Little wooden feet
and best of all
little wooden seat
in case your fall
Oh no! how graceful!
my little woodenhead

(as Muriel makes Courage dance like that)

Muriel: Cleo, meet Pinocchio. Say, "How do you do?". Say hello to Figaro. Oops! oh oh no! up to mischief already. You see what happens? Boo!. Up we go! Ah, you’re a cute little fellow.

Figaro: Meow, purr, purr.

Muriel: And that smile! You know I---

Figaro: Meow.

Muriel: You rascal! Jealous, huh? You know Courage I think Figaro is jealous of you. Oh, don’t worry Figaro. I sti--- (clocks chiming) Uh-oh.

(the clocks doing a musical rhythm)

Muriel: I wander what time is it. It’s getting late. Come now. We go to bed. Good night, Courage. Little funny face. Good night, Cleo, my little water baby. Figaro? You say good night too. Go on!

(Figaro gives Cleo a good night kiss)

Muriel: Now go to sleep, my little mermaid. Good night.

Woog: Oh, hum *yawning* This is my idea of comfort.

Dweeb: Solid comfort.

Muriel: *chuckling* Look at him, Figaro. He almost looks alive. Wouldn't it be nice if he was a real dog? Oh, well. Come on. We go to sleep.

(as Figaro prepares to go to sleep...)

Muriel: Ah, Figaro, I forgot to open the window.

(Figaro helps Muriel with the window)

Muriel: Oh Figaro! Look, look the wishing star! Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight I wish I may. I wish I might, have the wish I make tonight. Figaro, you know what I wished? I wished that my little Courage might be a real dog! Wouldn't that be nice? Just think, a real dog.

Rex: A very lovely thought, but not at all practical.

Muriel: … a real… dog *snoring*

(Muriel and her pets, and even Rex, Elsa, Dweeb, and Woog now fell asleep)

(end part 1)
this is the part 1 of the fan fiction for the "Were Back: A Dinosaur Story" crossover special, starring Rex, Elsa, Dweeb, and Woog as Jiminy Cricket, so I'll have part 2 coming up soon

and remember...may Once a Ranger team be on your guide!
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