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My laptop is broken and I just can't upload any new pics today.

I think they needed to fix it or need a new one

Sorry everyone

But at least I got an iPod touch, but I just don't know how to upload any new pics either!
(A jade book with the gold writings on it that says,, "The Wildlife Book" opens on the screen and we can read on its first page. Then after that, some pages beginning to turn to the contents. And finally, the pages turned to the chapter one)

---Chapter 1: Bambi the Deer Cub---

(A picture of a village in jungle is on this page. Then, the scene views some of the wonderful, beautiful nature of the jungle paradise. Then finally, we see an anthropomorphized adult female kangaroo with light brown fur covering most of her body, except for her belly, pouch, and the insides of her ears, which are pink. She has large feet that lack toes and comparatively smaller arms. The only distinct digits on her hands are her thumbs. She also has a somewhat short tail. The female kangaroo's ears are quite large and her neck is rather long. She has beady, black eyes and a black nose. That kangaroo's name was Kanga, who was hopping and taking a nice stroll in the jungle. While she hops, her voice is narrating the whole story)

Kanga's voice: Many strange legends are told of these jungles of India. But none so strange as the story of a small deer named Bambi. It all began when the silence of the jungle was broken by an unfamiliar sound.

(Kanga stopped hopping as she hears the sound of a baby crying, and so she turns to look and follows the familiar sound to where it came from)

Kanga's voice: It was a sound like one never heard before in this part of the jungle

(Kanga has found where the cries come from. It has lead her here to the wreckage of a small canoe. And so she looks into the basket with a baby deer)

Kanga's voice: It was a deer-cub! Had I known how deeply I was to be involved, I would have obeyed my first impulse and walked away.

(The baby deer stops crying and starts giggling and cooing. Kanga turns back lies down on the branch and looks at him playfully)

Kanga's voice: This deer-cub would have to have nourishment, and soon. It was many days travel to the nearest deer-village and without a mother deer's care, he would soon perish. Then it occurred to me.

(The scene dissolves to some 7 dinosaur children *who names where Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, and Ruby*  playing and their mother, a purple Pterodactyl named Elsa, who was kind and gentle, watching her children playing. Kanga is looking at them from bushes, with a baby deer inside a basket safely tucked into her pouch.)

Kanga's voice: A family of dinosaurs I knew had been blessed with a litter of baby dinosaurs.

(Kanga took the basket out of her pouch and she watches them from the bushes as the Elsa's family walk into their cave-like home. She puts the basket right before the entrance. The baby deer lies silent and Kanga pushes the basket to make him cry and hides fast. The dinosaurs came out and look at the baby deer)

Kanga's voice: Why, there'd be no problem with the mother, thanks to maternal instinct, but I wasn't so sure about Rex, the father.

(An orange tyrannosaurus rex comes from forest, looks at the deer-cub, sees smiling face of Elsa, looks at cute baby deer again and smiles too. After they named the deer, "Bambi", The "My Own Home" theme starts in the background as they carry basket with baby Bambi into the dinosaur cave.)

(The scene now dissolves to 10 years later, Bagheera on a branch looking at Bambi, who has a fur coat of safety orange and wheat spots and underbelly with a brown stripe that runs from his head down to his tail, has brown hooves and wide red eyes, has a large head with fuzz on it, has brown fur without his premature spots, has antlers with 2 points to represent his maturing youth, His eyes change from red to brown as well, And worn a pair of red-orange brief underwear-looking loincloth. He has now grown at the age of 10, who has returned home from hunting with his dad.)

Kanga's voice: Ten times the rains have come and gone. And I often stopped by to see how Bambi, the deer-cub, was getting along. He was a favorite with all young dinosaurs of the pack.

Bambi: Whoo-whoo-whooo!

(Bambi's dinosaur brothers run to him and play)

Kanga's voice: No deer-cub was ever happier. And yet...I knew that someday he would have to go back to his own kind.

(The scene dissolves to a meeting at the council rock)

Kanga's voice: Then one night, the dinosaur elders met at Council Rock. Because Tai Lung, the snow leopard, had returned to their part of the jungle. This meeting was to change the deer-cub's entire future.

Grandpa Longneck: Tai Lung will surely kill the deer and all who try to protect him. Now, are we all in agreement as to what must be done? (The dinosaurs nod) Now it is my unpleasant duty to tell the deer's father. Rex! Come over here, please.

Rex: Yes, Akela?

Grandpa Longneck: The Council has reached its decision. Deer-cub can no longer stay with the pack. He must leave at once.

Rex: Leave?

Grandpa Longneck: I am sorry, Rex. There is no other way.

Rex: But-but the deer-cub is-is like my own son. Surely he's entitled to the protection of the pack.

Grandpa Longneck: But Rex, even the strength of the pack is no match for the snow leopard.

Rex: But the deer cannot survive alone in the jungle.

Kanga: Grandpa Longneck, perhaps I can be of help.

Grandpa Longneck: You, Kanga? How?

Kanga: I know of a deer-village where he'll be safe. Bambi and I have taken many walks into the jungle together. I'm sure he'll go with me.

Grandpa Longneck: So be it. Now there's no time to lose. Good luck.

((End chapter 1))
The Wildlife Book part 1
this is the part 1 that I just came up with tonight

but I need to rest up for tomorrow when the part 2 is up or not
---The Cast---

1. Bambi (Disney's Bambi) as Mowgli
2. Kanga (Winnie the Pooh) as Bagheera
3. Alex the Lion (Madagascar) as Baloo
4. Marty the Zebra (Madagascar) as an extra with Alex
5. Cat R. Waul (American Tail 2) as Kaa
6. Tai Lung (Kung Fu Panda) as Shere Khan
7. Louis (The Princess and The Frog) as King Louie
8. Captain Crocodile (Robin Hood) as flunky monkey
9. other gators as the monkeys
10. Buck, Manny, Sid, & Diego (Ice Age series) as the vultures
11. Faline (Disney's Bambi) as Shanti
12. Tramp (Disney's Lady and The Tramp) as Colonel Hathi
13. Scamp (Lady and The Tramp II) as Hathi Junior
14. Lady (Disney's Lady and The Tramp) as Winifred
15. Rex (We're Back: A Dinosaur Story) as Rama
16. Elsa (We're Back: A Dinosaur Story) as Raksha
17. Grandpa Longneck (Land Before Time) as Akela
The Wildlife Book prologue
the part one should be coming out pretty soon, if you promise to be patient and wait a little longer to see it
Power Rangers: Win, Lose, and Kaboom 6 by conlimic000
Power Rangers: Win, Lose, and Kaboom 6
Made with deviantART muro

behold! there megazord! I call this "The Win, Lose, & Kaboom Megazord!" or "Battle Gladiator King"

I haven't figured out what there zord was, but eventually someone will. 
Power Rangers: Win, Lose, and Kaboom 5 by conlimic000
Power Rangers: Win, Lose, and Kaboom 5
Made with deviantART muro

at last! all 5 teams are now finished for "Power Rangers: Win, Lose, and Kaboom" or "Olympic Galaxy sentai Battlerangers"

the last one's name is Animaria Blue Ranger! his name is apparently based on a floating island from...believe it or not...Animaria from Wild Force!!

so now that I have the 5 teams set up, I should get to work on there megazord too!
My laptop is broken and I just can't upload any new pics today.

I think they needed to fix it or need a new one

Sorry everyone

But at least I got an iPod touch, but I just don't know how to upload any new pics either!


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