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The Bluejay Necessities of life by conlimic000
The Bluejay Necessities of life
Made with DeviantArt muro

(an idea just bursting in my head where inside my dreams I saw two young brothers are dancing in there brief underwears and singing, "The Bare Necessities") 

Mordecai happily invited Fox McCloud to a "two guys only" camp at the great outdoors. So, deep in the forest, they found a perfect spot to have some fun, such as swimming, scratching there backs on a tree, wrestling, dancing, do some workout videos for there two best girlfriends, etc. 

So, the best part....Mordecai told Fox to bring just there brief underwears, JUST there full colorful briefs for just 5 weeks of fun in the woods. They just worn there underwears all day and night for not just for sleeping, but these are just workout clothes, wrestling outfits, swimming suits, and a very warm pajamas. And...just for the occasion, he told Fox to bring there cameras for "A daily *how many minutes* workouts in there undies and show these to Krystal and Margaret! 

Yes sir, those two hot guys are gonna have a "5 weeks of underwear-wearing outdoor activities of fun!" and yes sir, I think Mordecai and Fox should be great brothers!

And boy, does these two guys hawt?!
Ameri-Tropica part 35 by conlimic000
Ameri-Tropica part 35
Made with DeviantArt muro

Name: Peaches
Specie: Rhino
Sex: Male
Age: 47
Persona: a friendly giant, biggest peach fan, big boned, very handsome 
Likes: Peach, Peach flavored tea, James and the Giant Peach, sitting on some person, giving people a great big hug, Marco (The Great Big Kangaroo by Twoodland1994), PJ (Beyond the Forest by Twoodland1994), having his back and butt scratched and rubbed, bare necessities, Uncle Croco Gator (Gator Dog by Twoodland1994), dancing, swimming, Grizzbo (Grizzly Hound by Twoodland1994), Stripoo (The Longe White Tiger by Twoodland1994), Sceady and Rhoda (A Love Nut Movie by Twoodland1994), sleeping
Dislikes: bad temper, indigestion or stomach ache, bad gas, heart burn, broken horns, calling someone "fat" because of his fat belly and butt, fit throwing, bad hygiene, bad blister or splinters on his foot, the 4 villains from Twoodland1994's, getting dizzy, doesn't like to be woken up from his nap, getting hungry
"10 years after the event of:  and "

and now...comes the 2 main heroes of the 2006 animated heroes are here in the future cartoon crossover! 

after the ending...guess who's the new hero of 2006 coming to the sequel?: 

(it's a continuation to this: The two world may collide by conlimic000 )
but I just had a thunderstorm and the powers went out, so now I'm back on. so did I miss anything?


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Your request is complete :3
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I left you a message there
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Hi! Do you remember me?:) I have just think about it... May be I can try for you but just than Surly meet RJ okay? I make for you when the summer vacation finish:D your good friends AH FairytalesArtist:D
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alrighty then!
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Chang and Sun Park are finished for you.
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I saw them and you did a good job on them!

Req: robot dragon jake long please
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May I see him?
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