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Chapter 3: The Luck Dragon Necessities

(One morning, Doby and Navy still sleeping. And then...)

Navy: (Woke up) Huh-duh-du-dui-wha-what? Who-!? Huh? (Sees Doby sleeping on top of him) *glares* Hmmm....(Wake him up by flicking his nose)

Doby: Oh! Mmm-Mmm! (rubs his nose) Oh...Good morning, Navy!

Navy: What happen? Where's Storm Cloud? What happen that night?

Doby: Oh, don't worry about him. While you where hypnotized, I bite him in the tail and send him packing! Guess I shown that ol' Foxy Loxy something to bite at! Ha ha! (He looks at the stern Navy, all nervously) Uh...*nervous laugh* haha...what?

Navy: So wanna look out for yourself, huh? Do you really want to stay in the jungle and never leave here, do you?

Doby: Uh...yes?

Navy: D'oh...for the love of...(Doby gets off of him as he gets up) Hey, you hungry?

Doby: Yes?

Navy: Then stay here and wait, I'll go get something to eat. Don't go anywhere okay?

Doby: Yes, bro.

Navy: Good. But don't do anything stupid okay?

Doby: *sighs* Sure...

(Navy looks concern about Doby, but he wents out looking for food. When the lion gone, Navy looks bored and tries to figure out what to do here. 10 minutes later, while Doby tried to figure out what he wanna do, he heard a noise coming from the bushes. The 10 year old cloth diaper clad Doberman/Rottweiler pup though it was Goth-Fire or Storm Cloud coming for him. But when something coming out of the bushes...It was a big male dragon, positively like Dragon from Shrek, who's scales was red, have yellow underbelly, got green spines, shaggy but pointy black hair-do, got green chest hair, his belly was bigger then a pumpkin, have manly but strong chest and arms, some lavender wings, have a gold tail-tip, got brown beard and mustache like adult spyro from the first Spyro ps1 game, has green eyes, an golden retriever dog head, has light blue-grey horns, and has a pretty cool emerald on his belly button. The red dragon's name was Flames, who was dancing and singing as if he was talking to himself)

Flames: Doo-bee doo-bee doo-bee dee-doo
Well, it's a doo-bah-dee-do
Yes, it's a doo-bah-dee-do
I mean a doo-be doo-bee doo-be
Doo-be doo-bee doo
Well, it's a doo-bah-dee-do
Yes, it's a doo-bah-dee-do
I mean a doo-be doo-bee doo-be
Doo-be doo-bee doo
                               And with--

(Flame's song was interrupted when he sees Doby, alone out here in the open)

Flames: Well, well, well now...Haha! What have we here now?

Doby: Uh...May I help you?

Flames: What are you doin' out here in the open, kid?

Doby: Uh, well, uh...I was...uh...

Flames: (He bends over and pins Doby to a rock wall by his head and he started sniffing Doby all over his body) Mmmm...Hey! What a cute scent! (sniffs him again) MMM-MMMM! Wow! What a funny little puppy you are, you silly little--(Doby angerly slaps him on the nose) Oooh!

Doby: Cut that out! I ain't a puppy anymore!

Flames: Mmm, boy! Now I've seen everything in these great outdoors! And, hoo-boy what have I run into and what a funny little canine this is!

Doby: Hey, what do I look like, a poodle?!

Flames: (sits his fat dragon butt down on the ground) Well now, that's a pretty big talk there, little puppy dog!

Doby: I'm a big enough Doberman! Come over here and say that to my face you--!! (Doby started punching and hitting him in the dragon stomach, but Flames started laughing and he has no effect)

Flames: tsk, tsk, tsk...*sighs* Pitiful...That has to be the lamest thing I've ever heard...(He picks up Doby) Now looky here, son...I think you needed some help. And Ol' Flames will learn you how to fight like a real luck dragon! Now come on up, I'm gonna show you!

(Flames lets out a big growl as he started fighting and fighting with Doby. But Doby follows Flame's moves)

Flames: Come on now, look for an opening! Keep 'em movin'! Come on, keep--Hahaha! Yeah that's it, now start the weave! come on, weave a little! show me the weavin'! That's it! Haha! Yeah, there you go! That's it! Now give me a big luck dragon growl, You got to be scary when you growl, scare me!

Doby: (Makes a weak growl) Grr...

Flames: (Makes a bored and dull face) Hooo, boy...Look, I mean a great big luck dragon growl! You know, like godzilla or somethin'? Here, I'll show you how...(inhales his chest and then...Lets out a big luck dragon growl, a growl so big that it's shaking the Orange Paradise like an earthquake!)

(Somewhere, Navy also heard Flame's luck dragon growl)

Navy: (scared and nervous) Oh, no! DOBY! He's in trouble!! I have to go save him, I-I-I shouldn't have left him alone! (Runs up to him) Please it has better not be Goth-Fire or that fox Storm Cloud!

(Back to Doby and Flames, Doby makes a big luck dragon growl)


Flames: Right there, on your toes, that's it!

Doby: How's that?

(When Navy have arrived....)

Flames: Okay, that's enough roaring lessons, now back to fighting lessons, young man!

Navy: Ohhh, no! It's Flames, that no-good, stupid, lazy, fat, son-of-a-luck dragon! What could he be doing with Doby anyhow?

Flames: Weave about now, keep going, keep--Hahaha! Yeah! Your doin' it real good, kid! Keep goin'! Keep--Yeah! Haha! That's it! Work that booty, work that--Haha! Yeah! Hoo, man! He's a real dandy puppy!! (Flames playfully slaps Doby right in the diaper butt, sends him rolling towards a tree and gets knocked out by apples)

Navy: (Laughs at Doby's performance) Fine teacher you are, old dragon fire!

Flames: Oh, thanks, Navy, mah main bro!

Navy: Well, tell me something, after you taught Doby a whole lot of things, how do you expect him to remember the lessons, hmm?

Flames: Well, uh...I, Uh...didn't mean to...lay it on him so hard...

Doby: That's not true, Flames. And I'm not hurt at all, Navy...I'm a lot stronger then some folks think!

Flames: You better believe that and know it! Now let's get back to fighting, Keep it up, You better follow my steps or I'll knock your lights out, You better--(Doby hits him on the lower jaw) Oomph! Hey!! Right on the button on my muttons! (The luck dragon playfully falls down, pretending to be knocked out, then Doby crawls up to his back and started tickling him rapidly) Ahhh! Hey, haha! Stop! Don't do that! HAHA! NONO! Stop, we don't do that here, no! NO, YOUR TICKLIN', I CAN'T STAND THAT TICKLIN'!! HAHAHA!!

Navy: (Thinking to himself) Hmm...Doby's doing okay, guess he found his first friend after all.


Navy: Ahh, that's all what Doby's ever wanted, more confidence.

Doby: (Still tickling him) Do you give up, Flames!!

Flames: HAHAHAHAHA!! I GIVE UP, I TELLS YA! HAHAHA! STOP, I GIVE-(Doby stops tickling him) Hahaha! Say, haha! You're all right to me, boi! Now what do they calls ya?

Navy: Doby, and he's gonna leave Orange Paradise right now!

Doby: (Gets off of Flames) I'm not going!

Navy: Oh, yes you are and your gonna like it even it I'm gonna have to drag you all the way to get there!

Doby: (grab and holds on to a tree) NO I WON'T!

Navy: (gives Doby a diaper wedgie!) Oh, yes you will, now let go! (Grunts) Let, Urrgh, let, let--let go you--

Doby: You let go of me!! (Grunts and holds on harder) Let go!

Navy: (Grunts) You let go, you--

Flames: (Stops them) Now wait a minute, wait a minute! (Breaks Doby and Navy up) Stop, stop, stop, wait a minute! (Doby rubs his tied cloth diaper butt) Let's settle this! Doby's stayin' with me, man! And I'll learn him all I know how to be a luck dragon like me!

Navy: Oh? And just how do you think he'll survive?

Flames: Nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah, what do you mean, "How do you think he'll..." Well he's my friend, ain't he? And I'm gonna teach him right now!

Navy: Well, heh...Okay, guess it's shouldn't take too long. (Sits his butt down) Okay, Flames, do your stuff. Show me!

Flames: (glares at Navy, then he turns to Doby with a big smile on his face) Look...Now it's like this, little puppy, all we got to do is...(Goes to the singing and dancing)

Look for the luck dragon necessities
The simple luck dragon necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife
I mean the luck dragon necessities,
Are Mother Dragon's recipes
That bring the luck dragon necessities of life
Wherever I wander
Wherever I roam
I couldn't be fonder
Of my big home
The bees are buzzing in the tree
To make some honey just for me
When you look under the rocks and plants
And take a glance at the fancy ants
Then maybe try a few...

Doby: You eat ants?

Flames: Haha, you better believe and know it! And your gonna love the way they tickles ya, and how they massage ya!

Navy: (A rock that Flames holding almost falls on Doby) *horrified gasp* DOBY, WATCH OUT!!

(But the rock missed)

Flames: The luck dragon necessities of life will come to you

Doby: (Tries to catch an ant) But when, exactly?

Flames: They'll come to you
Look for the luck dragon necessities
The simple luck dragon necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife
I mean the luck dragon necessities
That's why a dragon can rest at ease
With just the luck dragon necessities of life
Now when you pick a paw-paw
Or a prickly pear

Doby: (After pricking his finger) OW! That hurts!

Flames: And you prick a raw paw
Well, next time beware
Don't pick the prickly pear by the paw
When you pick a pear try to use the claw
But you don't need to use the claw
When you pick a pair of the big paw-paw
Have I given you a clue?

Doby: Golly gee, thanks, Flames! This melon looks good enough to eat!

Navy: Paw-paw? What's a paw-paw? Isn't that in english or something?

Flames: Come on up, Navy, and get with the beat! The luck dragon necessities of life will come to you

Doby: They'll come to me!

Flames: They'll come to you

(The whole song goes to a scratching scene)

Flames: Oh... Would you scratch a little bit right there while you up here. (Doby started scratching him real good) Just a little bit, boi. Oh oh oh oh, This is beautiful. Oh.

Doby: It's that part of the lessons?

Flames: Maybe. But I'm really itchin'. Oh, oh, oh, man, We got to get to the trees. It's call for a big scratchin'.

Doby: (Laughs) Your really funny, Flames! Your a whole lots of fun, too! And I'm beginning to like you, man!

Flames: (He now goes to a tree, scratching his back happily) Oh, Delicious. Oh, baby. That right to the Bella. Ooo, right on it...yeah...

Doby: (At another tree, copying Flames, and he's feeling happy about it)

Flames: Just a...Just...a little bit--Mmmm!! Yeah! Haha! (He now scratching his butt with full of glee) Ooo!! Mmm....MMHN!!

Doby: (He also rubs his butt, and still copying Flames. He just couldn't stand having his butt all itchy, but he feels happy and better)

Flames: Haha! OOO!! Yeah!! (Makes a relaxed sigh) Oh, that's what a called a livin'...livin'...livin'... wild! (Flames slides himself down to a river, and he floats up in the water) So just try and relax. Yeah.

(Doby goes for a nice swim and gets on his dragon tummy)

Flames: Cool it. Fall apart in mah back yard. 'Cause let me tell you something little puppy. If you act like that bee acts, uh-uh. I think you're workin' too hard. And don't be spendin' your time lookin' around for somethin' you want, that can't be found! (Goes into singing) When you find out you can live without it
And go along not thinking about it
And I'll tell you something true
The luck dragon necessities of life will come to you.

Navy: Hmm...Not bad...Guess he doesn't need me anymore. But just to be sure...I'll wait for Flames to call for me, just in case...(He leaves)

Flames: Hey, yo, Doby! How about we sing together?

Doby: OKAY!

Flames and Doby: (Singing) Look for the luck dragon necessities,
The simple luck dragon necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife

Doby: Oh, yeah!

Flames and Doby: I mean the luck dragon necessities,
That's why a dragon can rest at ease
With just the luck dragon necessities of life

Flames: Yeah, baby!

Flames and Doby: With just the luck dragon necessities of life

Doby: One more time!!

Flames and Doby:                With just the luck dragon necessities of life

Doby: Yeah, baby!

Flames: HAHAHAHA!! Beautiful! Now that's what I called, "Real Pure Jungle Harmony!"

Doby: I love being a luck dragon!

Flames: That's mah boi! And someday soon, you'll be a great big dragon like me! And you even sing like one too!

(End chapter 3)
The Jungle Book: A Doberman's Story pt. 3
I got the part 3 I should have the part 4 coming up real soon
Chapter 2: Doby and the fox!

(One night later, Navy was hiking with Doby deeper into the part of the Jungle, Doby was wearing his red and white running shoes on, his only gift from Navy. Doby was hiking and walking till his feet wears off. Doby was tired and he suddenly feels and itch on his diaper butt.)

Doby: Navy? I'm getting a little sleepy. I think my feet's tired. Can we go back home?

Navy: Doby, tonight I'm taking you out of the Orange Paradise for good.

Doby: (reaching his itchy diaper rash on his butt) Mmm, MMM-but why? (scratches it) Why do you want me out of the jungle? I like it here.

Navy: Because Goth-Fire, the big bad wolf has returned to the part of the jungle. He wanted revenge on you when you're just the puppy. You know, the...

Doby: (Tries to scratch his diaper butt harder) Ohh, you mean I bite him on the butt? (spotted a big rock and walks toward it) Well I can bite him again!

Navy: No you won't! He really wants to eat you if you do that again! He won't let you! I heard all about him that he swallows a rhino, a tiger, and a bear alive! Surly you can understand that, don't you?

Doby: (rubs and rubs his itch diaper butt against a rock) Well...Maybe, but I ain't afraid of him. And besides, I'm practically grown up! (rubs his butt harder) And besides, I can take care of myself, and why I-

Navy: Now that's enough, we'll spend the night here. This watering hole looks safe and okay. (Sees Doby rubbing his diaper butt harder) Doby? Doby!

Doby: Almost...Grr...Almost done....

Navy: Doby! You coming!?

Doby: Gimme...Ugh! Gimme just a...just a sec...ah, ahh! (relaxed) ahh....that's better...

Navy: (lets out a big sighs and lies his back on the ground, putting both his paws behind his head and resting his right ankle on his left ankle; talking to himself) That Doby and his annoying diaper rash of his...Just one of these days, Just one of these days...(To Doby, walking toward a big rock next to the water) Now get some sleep, diaper-boy. We got a long journey ahead of us first thing tomorrow morning. (yawns)

Doby: (Resting his diaper butt on the ground and lying his back on a rock) Awww, quit your blubbering, Navy. (Getting his right knee up and putting his right paw on his knee and resting his head on his right paw) I can take care of myself. And besides, you might think that all these dangers might sneak up right in front of your eyes!

(While Navy sleeps and Doby does not, something's lurking behind a bush. It was a male fox, who's fur was red, have white underbelly, brown hair, lime eyes, got black gloves and boots like fur, worn a blue bandanna on his neck. a blue head band, got a necklace, and worn a bright blue speedo with lighting bolt prints on it. His name was Storm cloud, and he had an interest on Doby)

Storm Cloud: (came out of the bush and sneaks behind a rock where Doby's sitting.) Say now, what do we have here now? (Doby notices and he's angry at him) What a cute little puppy! Where'd you came from little fella?

Doby: (blows raspberry at him)

Storm Cloud: Hmm, such strong little puppy you are! (When he sees Doby closer) Why, your a Doberman-cub! A cute and tasty Doberman-cub!

Doby: Oh, go away and leave me alone or I give you a big shoe beatings!

Storm Cloud: Oh, my! Such strong little boy aren't you?

Navy: (Still sleeping) Ohh....oh, no, no making noises, Doby. Now please go to sleep, Doby, or I'll make you...*yawn* eat...

Storm Cloud: (Hatches an idea) Yes, Doby. Please? Pretty please? (He starts hypnotizing Doby)

go to sleep, please go to sleep,
sleep little Doby
rest in piece.
(Storm Cloud pins Doby by putting both his paws on his wrist and resting his knees next to both sides of his body)
Sleep. Sleep

Doby: N--Na---Navy (Storm Cloud closed his muzzle over Doby's muzzle, as if he was giving him a nice warm muzzle massage)

Navy: Look, no more talking till in the morning okay, Doby? Your big bro needs sleeping man...Mmmm...

Storm Cloud: (giggles) he won't gonna be here in the morning...not anymore...not if he's with me now...

Navy: (Opens one of his eyes) Huh? Oh, yes he will, Storm Cloud, he's...(Woke up with a fright and sees Storm Cloud was doing to Doby) STORM CLOUD!! OH, NO YOU DON'T!!! (Knocks Storm Cloud out and smashes to the side of the rock wall)

Storm Cloud: Ohhh, my back! Grrr!!!

Navy: Uh oh! (Storm Cloud pounces towards him and pinned him real good)

Storm Cloud: You, sir have just made a very big mistake, my friend! A very stupid...

Navy: Uh, now now, Storm Cloud, I was, uh...

Storm Cloud: Mistake!! (Doby woke up by the hypnosis and sees what he's doing to Storm Cloud) Look at me in the eye when I'm talking to you! Come one, open them real good!

Navy: Uh, p-p-p-please, Storm-

Storm Cloud: Both eyes if you please! (Navy's now fully hypnotized) Maybe I'll just keep you as my pet just as soon as I--(Interrupted when Doby bites him on the tail) EEEYOWWW!!! OH, MY TAIL!! MY TAIL!! OOOOOOWWW!!! (Runs off into the jungle, with his tail hurting)

Doby: Well, that's that! *yawns* But I'm getting tired. (Sees the hypnotized Navy) Maybe I'll try to figure away to snap you out of your trance just as...Mmmmm. Just as I get some shut eyes...

(Doby relaxes himself on top of Navy. And so both he and Navy fell asleep till the next morning...)

(End Chapter 2)
The Jungle Book: A Doberman's Story pt. 2
another good part coming up!

see, Navy, Doby, etc. are all my new OC's that I just came up with. so I'll have part three coming up real soon!
conlimic000 Production presents....

"The Jungle Book: A Doberman's Story"

Based on "The Jungle Book"

(The jade book with the gold writtings, "The Jungle Book: A Doberman's Story" opens up. The page turns to the contents of the chapters. Then, we go to the picture of Chapter 1. The camera zooms in and fades to the wonderful scenic view of the jungle)

Chapter 1: Doby the Doberman-pup

(After the opening, we see an half-anthro male lion who's fur is yellow-orange, peach underbelly, have black tipped ears, muscular arms, chest and waist, got an anchor tattoo on his left chest, exotic red-orange mane, indigo eyes, and worn an expensive navy string-bikini. The lion's name was Navy. Navy was inspecting the jungle and looking for a good place to swim and do some workouts. And also, Navy's voice can be heard, narrating the story)

Navy's voice: Many strange tales and completely ridiculous but funny stories are being told of these jungles of Orange Paradise, where life's been a piece of cake. But none so completely weird about the story of the small, goofy, but completely cluless doberman named...Doby.

(When Navy's about to find the perfect spot to relax...)

Navy's voice: The story's now began when the silence of the jungle was broken by an unfamiliar snore.

(Navy heard a very loud snore.)

Navy's voice: It wasn't my sinuses or my colds that did it. I had to go check it out.

(And so, when he heard where's the loud snore was coming from, Navy saw something from a large green leaf-like bed)

Navy's voice: It was a biggest snore and it was the one like I've never heard before in this part of the jungle.

(The snore came from a Doberman/Rottweiler mix puppy, who's fur was black, have brown underbelly, has black hair, worn a white baby diaper with one tape, emerald dog collar around his neck with a gold dog tag)

Navy's voice: It was doberman-cub! Just like the one I saw! I should've known how deeply I was to be involved in, not to mention the troubles of all the times I had with dogs, so the best and only thing I do is to walked away.

(Before Navy's about to sneak away, the puppy woke up and made a big yawn. Navy looks back and looked at the puppy. The puppy rubs his eyes and looked at Navy, where he's giggling at him.)

Navy's voice: But by the look on his eyes, the same eyes my dad got...I just can't do it, and the puppy seems to have fond of me.

(Navy shows a cute smile at the puppy as he picked him up)

Navy's voice: This doberman-cub must have some nourishment, and even it would take was many days travel village. And soon before you know it, without a mother's care...he would die...And so, I decided to take good care of him, since I decided to make him a perfect brother to me.

Navy: I will call you...Doby.

baby Doby: *Giggles and hugs*

Navy: Awww...(Heard a wolf's howl) Uh oh! I know that howl! C'mon, Doby! Let's take you to my place where you'll be safe!

(Else where...A rather large male wolf, who's fur was blue-grey, light grey underbelly, stood only on two hind legs, worn a red vest, has yellow eyes, got muscular chest and waist, got some aztec gold ear rings and jewelry, has a large scar from the top right chest and lower left sides, got a very Gothic black hair with red tip, has white tail-tip, and has three belts on his right leg. The wolf's name was Goth-Fire, who was kneeling down, putting his right paw on the ground and rubbing his wolf butt with his left paw, and he's also growling in anger)

Goth-Fire: Grrr...I'll get that little Doberman when he grows up fast! I'm so gonna make him pay for biting my butt! I will find you and then I'll swallow you whole and make you a part of me real quick, 'cause nobody bites the butt of Goth-Fire!!

(And so...7 years have passed...)

Navy's voice: 7 times the rains and heat have come and gone, Doby's been a good brother and friend to me.

(We see Doby, now grown at the age of 10, and also worn a white tied cloth diaper, does some 11 minutes workout with Navy)

Navy's voice: Me and Doby went to the good times in the summer heat of the jungle, such as doing some workouts, yogas, and swimming. I taught Doby everything he knows, and he's always been here for me.

Doby: *Grunts and groans as he follows Navy in a workout* Look at me, Navy! I'm breaking a sweat!

Navy: No argument here, Doby! Someday, you'll be a great big and strong like me!

Doby: Say, NNRGH! After-NNNN!! after workout, what say we-MMMMM! We go for a nice-UGH! Nice dip in the-Ooogh! Pool?

Navy: Wonderful idea!

Doby: (Moves his white diaper butt as he follows Navy with full of happiness and glee)

Navy's voice: No doberman-cub in the world was so ever happier. Nothing gonna break us apart. Until that one night...The news been spreading through out the jungle! They've learned that Goth-Fire, the forbidden wolf has returned to the part of this very jungle. And they also told me that Doby was the one who bite him in the butt! eww, very gross! I began to feel worried and might try to eat him, so it was up to me to get him out of the jungle...with some other methods.

(End chapter 1)
The Jungle Book: A Doberman's Story pt. 1
an idea just hatched into my head when summer's almost coming


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